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★ Find a Language Exchange Partner ★

How The Idea Came Out?

StéFh, the founder: 

"2 things fascinate me in life: Travelling and languages, I visited over thirty countries and speak 5 languages.

I wanted to be closer to the locals, get soaked in local culture, communicate with local people and live enriching experiences …

… but I realized that it wasn’t easy to meet local people and I was frustrated not to be able to practice my languages especially when you are shy.

Back in Paris, I helped expatriates in French. This is how TripMeeters started…"

Why You Should Join Us

Join a community of people who are open-minded, motivated and caring


 ● Allow you to meet people from all over the world and practice languages in real life

● Support, encourage and learn from each other through stories, experiences, ideas and share yours.

Meet locals & internationals, discover new cultures, new places and make friends from around the world during your trip, as an expat or in your hometown.


TripMeeters is a worldwide community. It brings back human contact and deeply relies on trust, commitment and reliability.

TripMeeters transmits and highlights the values of sharing, exchange, openness and authenticity.

What Our Members Say

Hussam (Syria): “It was easy to be integrated because everyone is very nice. I made French friends, and we travelled together.”

Georges (Finland): “I wasn’t very confident at the beginning, but making new friends, it was easy for me to speak”

Antonio (Italia): “I make a lot of mistakes when I speak but it doesn’t matter, we are all here to practice!”

Sophie (England): “There are a lot of different outings on TripMeeters organized by locals. It allows me to discover better the local culture.”

Gontran (France): “I don’t speak English very well but I love helping Internationals to speak French. I like discovering new cultures.”


TripMeeters Member Benefits

We're a new community dedicated to motivated language learners, new in town, expatriates, travelers sharing and building: 

  • Exclusive access to a growing global network of language learners, expatriates, locals and travellers so you can connect with the right people & information to take things to the next level
  • Exclusive access to our app (available via the App Store or Google Play) so you can take your support network wherever you go
  • Insider conversations with high-performing language learners & teachers on subjects like tips, tandem, travels, grammar and more
  • Connections to local members so you can meet fellows close to where you live
  • Get answers from locals when you travel or in expatriation
  • Invitations to members-only events and meetings launched by our community
  • Find and attend meetings close to where you live and during a trip
  • Organise meetings in your favorite spots at your preferred day and time 
  • Support from the TripMeeters team to help you find what you need anytime you get stuck
  • Find a language exchange partner so you can have a tandem as much as you want
  • Chat with people from around the world in groups conversation or before going to an event
  • Get real tips to enhance your vocabulary, grammar skills and stay motivated
  • Become fluent in a language conversing with native speakers

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